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“Effect of processing on the Vitamin, Amino acid and Fatty acid content of popcorn:- Samuel Ugwumsinachi. P.


Popcorn is a cereal grain which is consumed by humans as snacks and it provides a good complement of nutrition. This study investigated the effect of processing on the vitamin,...

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4-Amino - 2, 3-Dimethyl- 1 -Phenyl-3 Pyrazolin - 5 - One: A Potent Ligand For Cobalt And Nickel Ions:- Timothy, Vincent O.


Complexes of nickel and cobalt have been synthesized using 4 — amino — 2, 3 — dimethyl- 1 - phenyl - 3 - pyrazolin - 5 - one. The nature of the complexes and ligand were proposed based on...

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Chemical Investigation Of Ipomoea Maurtiana Leaves Phytochemical Screening:- Onyiriagu Joshua U.


The thin layer chromatographic investigation ofthe crude ethanolic extract and the chloroform fraction ofIpomoea mauritiana leaves, were carried out. Quantitative and qualitative...

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Physicochemical And Rheological Properties Of Honey:- Hyacinth, Gabriel ,C.


Samples of honey obtained from the Michael Okpara University ofAgriculture were analysed for their physicochemical parameters (including taste, colour, pH, conductivity, etc), GCMS...

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The Use Of Some Aromatic Amines As Corrosion Inhibitors Of Zinc In H2SO4 Solution :- Isaac, Winner I.


The inhibition of corrosion of zinc in sulphuric acid by aromatic amines: aniline, otoluidine and p-toluidine has been studied with respect to acid concentration, inhibitor concentration...

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Proximate , Vitamin And Mineral Analysis Of Sweet Potato And Irish Potato:- Ihejirika Chioma .R


The work conducted proximate composition, vitamin and mineral composition of sweet potato and Irish potato. The parameters that were determined in this work are protein content,...

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Determinants Of Nutrition Knowledge And Complementary Feeding Practices Of Mothers In Ihitte/Uboma Local Government Area Of Imo State:- Nwokike, Nneka S.


The study was aimed at assessing the determinants of the nutrition knowledge and complementary feeding practices of mothers in Ihite-Uboma LGA, Imo State. A cross sectional sampling was...

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Comparative Analysis Of The Estimated Amount Of Money Spent On Political Campaign By Gender (A Case Study Of Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture, Umudike):- Nzekwe Temple C.


Politics as we know is a part and parcel of every human being. Tncugh some claim not to be politicians but yet nobody is apolitical as there is a steady increase to be at the top and the...

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Effect Of Ethanol Extract Of Gouania Longipetala On Selected Clinically- Important Enzymes Of Acetaminophen-Overdosed Albino Rats:- Ukoha, Goodness C.


The albino rats were randomly divided into five groups each consisting offour albino rats Group 1 rats were the normal control and were given feed and water adlibitum for a period of 14...

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Prevalence Of Hypertension Amongst Staff Of Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture, Umudike:- Udeigwe, Grace A.


 The study was designed to determine prevalence of hypertension amongst staffin Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike (MOUAU), Umuahia, Abia State. A total of 354...

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