Effects Of Know-Want- Learn (Kwl) Metacognitive Learning Strategy On Secondary School Students’ Academic Achievement And Retention In Chemistry In Calabar Education Zone, Cross River State, Nigeria:- Idiege, Kimson Joseph S.


This study investigated the effects of Know-Want-Learn (KWL) metacognitive learning strategy on secondary school students’ academic achievement and retention in chemistry in Calabar...

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Influence of Cognitive Styles on Secondary School Students Academic Achievements and Interest in Chemistry, in Abia State:- Chibuisi, Blessing N




This study investigated the influence of cognitive styles on student academic achievement and interest in chemistry in Abia State. The design of the study was expost facto...

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Influence Of Family Background On Students Achievement In Chemistry In Umuahia South Local Government Area:- Egwu, Uchechukwu


The study was carried out to investigate the influence of family background on students achievement in chemistry in Umuahia South Local Government Area of Abia State. The study was guided...

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“Comparative Study of The Influence of Boarding and Non-Boarding Educational System on Academic Performance of Secondary School Students :- Ugwumba Vivian Chinasa


A boarding school is a school where all the students live and study during the school session. In such schools all or some of the teachers live within the school compound. I he teacher s...

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Assessment Of Students Interest In The Study Of Chemistry Secondary Schools In Umuahia South L.G.A


This study was designed Io find out the interest of secondary school students inchemistry within Umuahia South Local Government Abia State. This study identifies the factors that influence...

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Effects Of Think Pair Share Instructional Strategy On Senior Secondary School Students’ Achievement And Retention In Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure



This study sought to investigate the effects of think pair share instructional strategy on senior secondary school students’ achievement and retention in chemical bonding and...

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Effects Of Classroom Interaction Patterns On Academic Achievement And Interest Of Secondary School Chemistry Students In Abia State, Nigeria



This study was designed to investigate the effect of classroom interaction patterns on academic achievement and interest of secondary school chemistry students in Abia State,...

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Effects Of Concept-Mapping And Guided-Inquiry On Students’ Achievement In Senior Secondary Practical Chemistry In Cross River State Of Nigeria


This study explored the effectiveness of three teaching methods on academic achievement of Chemistry students in Cross River State. Literature was reviewed based on the dependent and...

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Framing Instructional Strategy And Senior Secondary School Chemistry Students’ Achievement In Stoichiometry In Aba Educational Zone Of Abia State.


The study is aimed at examining Framing Instructional Strategy and senior secondary school chemistry students’ Achievement in Stoichiometry in Aba Educational Zone of Abia State. The study...

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Effects Of Think Aloud And Self Assessment Instructional Strategies On Students’ Achievement In Senior Secondary School Chemistry In Imo State


The study was aimed at determining the effects of think aloud and self assessment instructional strategies on students’ achievement in senior secondary school chemistry in Imo State. Four...

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